Monday, January 27, 2014

Two Week Fuel Cycle Menu with Recipes

One of the great things about following the Trim Healthy Mama plan of eating is that when you have a stall in weight, they have a wonderful thing called a Fuel Cycle plan.  It's a little more strict than their freestyle plan, but it always helps my metabolism jump start.  I always lose weight when I follow this plan.  I decided to include a Fuel Cycle menu that I have been following along with recipe page numbers or links to recipes.  If you have the Trim Healthy Mama book and this menu, you could follow this menu and replace things you don't like.  Mostly though I did this for myself to help store my recipes in one location.  This is an example of a two week fuel cycle menu:

Day One:  Deep S

Breakfast - Fried Eggs with Bacon and a Bulletproof Coffee

Lunch - Blackened Salmon (I cook mine in butter) with a large salad and Olive Oil Garlic Dressing

Snack - Choco Pudding

Dinner - Broiled Sirloin Steaks with Mushrooms and Spiced Roasted Cauliflower

Dessert - Peppermint Protein Skinny Chocolate

Day Two:  Deep S

Breakfast - Eggs fried in Red Palm Oil page 215 with Sautéed Mushrooms

Lunch - 100% Grass Fed Beef, Uncured Hot Dogs with large salad

Snack - Choco Pudding

Dinner - Garlic Chicken Breast with Salad and Olive Oil/Garlic Dressing

Dessert - Salted Caramel Skinny Chocolate

Day Three:  Deep S

Breakfast:  Eggs with Salmon

Lunch:  Taste of Thailand Soup page 290

Snack:  Fat Stripping Frappa

Dinner:  Pork Chops Dijonnaise with Roasted Broccoli

Dessert:  Skinny Chocolate

Day Four:  Fuel Pull

Breakfast:  Veggie Egg White Cups and half Big Boy Smoothie

Lunch:  Loaded Fotato Soup

Snack:  Deli Meat Roll Ups

Dinner:  Sweet & Spicy Asian Stir-fry with Konjac Noodles page 342

Dessert:  Frozen Yogurt with Strawberries page 376

Day Five:  Fuel Pull

Breakfast:  Egg White Scramble page 217 and Big Boy Smoothie

Lunch:  Gorton's Grilled Tilapia with Simple Steamed Broccoli - use less oil than what is called for

Snack:  Fat Stripping Frappa

Dinner:  Seasoned Chicken Breast with Homemade KFC Coleslaw

Dessert:  Fuel Pull Dessert with Lemon Mousse

Day Six:  Energizing

Breakfast:  Trim Healthy Pancakes with Yogurt and Berries

Lunch:  All Day Lentil Stew page 311 with Ezekiel 4:9, Turkey, Mozzarella Sandwich

Snack:  Orange with 1% Cottage Cheese

Dinner:  Balsamic Chicken BakeGarlic Green Beans (use less oil) and Quinoa

Dessert:  Frozen Yogurt with Peaches page 376

Day Seven:  Energizing

Breakfast:  Egg White Benedict

Lunch:  Sweet Potato with Salad and Tuna page 306

Snack:  Yogurt with Polamer Jam page 252

Dinner:  Hearty Green Soup page 334 with Ezekiel 4:9 Sandwich

Dessert:  Broiled Grapefruit (I replace caramel extract in place of cinnamon)

Day Eight:  Deep S

Breafast:  Breakfast Brussel Sprouts Hash with Eggs

Lunch:  East African Curry - sub cauliflower instead of potatoes

Snack:  Fat Stripping Frappa

Dinner:  Country style pork ribs (replace Truvia for Brown Sugar), Salad Bar with Plan appropriate toppings, Roasted Asparagus with garlic and balsamic vinegar

Dessert:  Salted Caramel Skinny Chocolate

Day Nine:  Deep S

Breakfast:  Steak with Eggs and Sautéed Cabbage

Lunch:  Crispy Salmon over Salad with Olive Oil dressing

Snack:  Orange Cream Fat Stripping Frappa

Dinner:  Whole Baked ChickenSautéed Mushrooms and Broccoli

Dessert:  Skinny Oreo Bites

Day Ten:  Deep S

Breakfast:  Smokey Egg and Bacon Salad

Lunch:  Paleo Chicken Soup - skip the carrots for Deep S

Snack:  Deli Meat Roll Ups

Dinner:  Hoemstyle Turkey the Michigander WayRoasted Parmesan Green BeansCarmelized Brussel Sprouts

Dessert:  Skinny Chocolate

Day Eleven:  Fuel Pull

Breakfast:  French Toast Protein Shake

Lunch:  The Fuel Pull Salad page 301 with Hip Trim Honey Mustard page 412

Snack:  Choco Pudding

Dinner:  Easy Chicken Yogurt Bake page 322, Leftover Fuel Pull Salad from Lunch

Dessert:  Cake Batter Frappa

Day Twelve:  Fuel Pull

Breakfast:  Veggie Egg White Cups

Lunch:  Mexican Cottage Cheese Salad

Snack:  Apple Pie Smoothie

Dinner:  Turkey "Noodle" soup  To keep FP, skim fat off of homemade broth, don't add butter, skip carrots or use very few.

Dessert:  Strawberry Frozen Yogurt page 376

Day Thirteen:  Energizing

Breakfast:  Trim Healthy Mama Pancakes with Yogurt and Berries

Lunch:  Nicey Ricey Salad page 304

Snack:  Orange with 8 almonds

Dinner:  Lighter Side of Chili page 330 and Salad

Dessert:  Broiled Grapefruit (I replace caramel extract instead of cinnamon)

Day Fourteen:  Energizing

Breakfast:  Egg White Benedict

Lunch:  Better Than Chef Salad page 304

Snack:  Fat Stripping Frappa

Dinner:  Mexican chicken in crock pot add in black beans, salsa, onions, peppers, salt and pepper.  Top with 0% Greek Yogurt

Dessert:  Frozen Yogurt with Peaches and Raspberries page 376