Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Trim Healthy Trifle - Trim Healthy Tuesday

Now this, my Trim Healthy Mama friends, is the dessert of all desserts.  It is delicious, fun and easy to make.  It is wonderful to serve for a special occasion or when you want to win a friend over to the THM way of eating.

First make the Mini Chocolate Cakes for Purists on page 382.

Then make a batch of Choco Pudding on page 366.

Then whip up a batch of whipped cream by mixing heavy whipping cream with some stevia to taste.

Crumble up the mini chocolate cakes and then layer the cakes, pudding, and whipped cream in whatever fancy glasses or trifle bowl you might have.  Then top with some whipped cream and some crumbled mini chocolate cakes.  It is divine!