Friday, July 26, 2013

A Rainy Friday Blast from the Past

Sometimes as I'm doing my household chores, I remember certain things about my childhood that make me smile.  Today was one of those days.
When I was 12 years old, I used to babysit for this dear lady who lived a couple of houses down from me.  She had six children and she was partially deaf.  She also was a hair stylist from her home and had a hair salon set up in her basement.  Sometimes she would do fancy hairstyles on my hair in exchange for me babysitting or helping out in her salon.
One of my jobs was folding towels for her.  I particularly liked this job.  It was way better than the time that I was babysitting all six of her children who just happened to get food poisoning all on the same night.  Let's just say folding towels was way more fun than that.

This lady was VERY particular about how her towels were folded.  Because she had a business, all the towels were white and clean.  She wanted them folded just like these pictures show.  If even one was out of place a little bit, she would have me do them all over.  I, being the type of person who likes my ducks all in a row, found the challenge of putting my towels all perfectly in a row, to be so much fun.
Now as a mom of 10 children, I sympathize with that mom from my past in so many ways.  My step-father used to be quite critical of her and another family on our road that had lots of kids.  So, I am quite sure of some of the things our neighbors must think of us, (but I'll save that for another blog post someday when I'm feeling humorous). 
I don't think I appreciated the influence this dear mother had on me as much as I wish I would've.  She taught me so much that prepared me for my life as a mother, and sadly, I don't even remember her name.  She was a Titus 2 woman to me though and I am thankful for her.
Back to my story.  Here I sit in my home with many children and still to this very day, even though all my towels are different sizes, shapes and colors, I am still very nit picky on how my towels are folded.  They are my very favorite thing in the house to fold and I love to color coordinate them and line them all up just so.  Which if you saw my towel collection, you would laugh at this notion of mine.  Many of my towels are ragged, full of holes, totally mismatched and have bleach spots on them.  They are not pretty like the pictures.
Yet, that little piece from my childhood has never, ever left me.

If you are young and have people teaching you things, try to appreciate them, because otherwise, one day, you'll be older like me, wishing you had shown more appreciation for those dear women who take time out of their busy schedules to teach you important life skills that will follow you your entire life.
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